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Everybody thinks that picture framing is a hard and expensive job but we show you otherwise. With our custom made DIY framing tools and cheap picture frames, you will be amazed by how much time and money you can save.

Doing your own picture frames allow you to choose the matboard colour and moulding to suit your artwork and décor. With more than 30 years of experience as a framing wholesaler and supplier to framers worldwide, FrameCo can help you customised any picture frames you want to build cheaply. Our framing tools and products are safe and easy to use so that you can do your own framing at home with minimal supervision.

Where Do I Start?

As a pioneer in the development of DIY framing tools and systems, FrameCo has sponsored the formation of the Amateur Picture Framers Society to foster the continued development of DIY Picture Framing. Becoming a member of the APFS is a great way to start your framing hobby or career. More information can be found on the Amateur Picture Framers Society Website.

If you are new to picture framing, we also suggest that you take a look at our start up kits. Our start up kits have all the picture framing tools you need to start making your own frames and each kit comes with detail instructions on how to frame your pictures correctly. If you have some experience in picture framing, you may want to look at our other quality products. Our MatMaster mat cutters for example, give your framed pictures a very professional finish.

We also sell cheap mat boards and mouldings at wholesale price. We have a large range of 60 quality picture framing mat boards and a large range of over 70 quality picture frame mouldings carefully chosen for their easy cutting and joining qualities. for the hobby/home framer. Using FrameCo's DIY framing equipment you can easily cut down the frames and rejoin them to fit your own artwork.

To get some picture framing tips and project ideas for your custom picture frames, you can request a copy of our framing catalogue. You can also order our products at wholesale price easily using our Online Shopping Cart.

FrameCo Smart Framer

"Smart Framer" is an online picture framing design tool so you choose the matboard colour and frame before you cut the mat or make the frame. To use the program, simply visit our Smart Framer page, upload your image to the website and choose different mat and frame combinations. Visit our Smart Framer now and see the choices before you buy.

Picture Framing Courses & Shows

FrameCo School of Picture Framing offers a travelling “show” of courses. Our courses are targeted at anyone from the beginner to the part-time framer. It is designed to give basic refresher training in the morning session moving to more advanced techniques in the afternoon. You may go to our picture framing course registration page for more information. We also exhibit at trade shows worldwide. You can also see our framing show dates.



Our picture framing equipment and supplies include:

MatMaster Mat Cutters
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